Custom Backyard Interlock Patio Designs in Ottawa

Looking to transform your backyard into a stunning outdoor oasis? Green Works Contracting will help bring your vision to life in four simple steps! Estimate, design, quote, and build.

At Green Works Contracting, our goal is to create a custom interlock patio that will suite your lifestyle. One of our interlock experts will sit down with you before breaking ground to create a custom design that matches your vision. From there, our team will work to make that vision a reality.

Whether it’s as simple as patio or a complete backyard remodel, we’ll make it work for you and your yard.

Looking for something specific? Our experts can help you design and install your ideal patio + dining and/or lounge area.

Other Backyard Interlock Services offered:

  • Walkways and Paths
  • Steps & Landings
  • Fire Features
  • Veneers (concrete overlays)
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Garden or Retaining Walls
  • Pillars
  • Low voltage lighting


Interlock Repairs

Unfortunately, we do not offer any interlock repair or interlock relay services. Our focus is new interlock construction.

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All newly constructed interlock comes standard with a two-year craftsmanship warranty. Ask us about our three- and five-year extended warranty options.

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