Sod Delivery in Ottawa


Sod Delivery in Ottawa

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is available for next-day delivery Monday through Friday. A full pallet is 70 rolls. Each roll of sod is 2’ x 6’ making a total of 12 sq ft per roll. Our sod is harvested the day of delivery.

An emailed sod watering guide and maintenance instructions are available upon request to achieve the best long-term results.

Don’t forget to order Root Starter Fertilizer and Screened Topsoil from us for your sodding project.

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Sod Rolls Price (supplied, delivered, and placed)
10 $212.40
20 $289.80
30 $367.20
40 $444.60
50 $522.00
60 $599.40
70 (1 Pallet) $676.80
70+ Rolls $7.74/Roll + $135.00 Delivery Fee

Here is a summary of how to install sod:

Step 1. Excavation & Disposal

Start off by excavating the existing lawn. Use a walk behind sod-cutter to remove 2-3 inches of turf and soil and dispose. From there, rototill the native soil to chew up any remaining taproots.

Step 2. Grading and Rolling

Now that excavation and disposal is complete grade the native soil in order to install an even amount of new topsoil across the area. We recommend a minimum of 3 inches of loose new topsoil to be placed. More or less soil may be required depending on conditions. Rake and roll the grade as many times as it takes to create proper drainage while getting rid of divots and bumps.

Step 3. Laying Process

Apply our Root Starter Fertilizer over the area with a spreader. Now it’s time to lay the sod. Carefully interlock and stagger the rolls to prevent shifting. Proper installation is important as it will encourage development of a healthy root system so that your new lawn will continue to wow.

Step 4. Laying Process

See our Sod Watering & Maintenance Guide for short and long-term success.