De-Icers & Abrasives Pricing Sheet


De-Icers & Abrasives Pricing Sheet

 Picked Up Winter De-icers & Abrasives
Quantity Price
White Road Salt – Per Cubic Yard Picked Up $175.00
Salt/Grit Mix – Per Cubic Yard Picked Up $105.00
Ice Melt (Thawrox) – Per Cubic Yard Picked Up $210.00
Price Per Local Delivery: $115.00
Delivered Up Winter De-icers & Abrasives
Quantity Price
White Road Salt – 22 MT Delivered $3,390.00
Salt/Grit Mix – 22 MT Delivered $1,480.00
Ice Melt (Thawrox) – 22 MT Delivered $3,830.00
Grit Only – 22 MT Delivered $798.80

White Road Salt

A common way to treat surfaces from poor weather conditions. Bulk rock salt is effective to -9C. It may be used at cooler temperatures with the right conditions, such as sun and traffic.

Salt/Grit Mix

Ideal for treating ice and/or freezing rain, this grit heats up typically with sun and/or traffic. From there, it tunnels its way through the ice to allow the ice to weaken and the surface to be cleared/plowed. Winter grit can also provide immediate traction when desired. Application rates will vary based off of the weather event.

Ice Melt (Thawrox)

Our Ice Melt is white road salt treated with magnesium chloride along with a viscosity modifier that increases its effectiveness in low-temperatures  and icy conditions.

Grit Only

Grit is great for treating gravel roadways after snow plowing. It is also ideal for heavy freezing rain events.

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