Book a Consultation—We’ll Come to You

To book a consultation, you can call, e-mail or use our request form. We’ll send one of our certified specialists to your front door to meet and discuss the details of the work you’re interested in having us perform. In our effort to offer the widest range of services possible without sacrificing even the smallest bit of quality, Green Works Contracting employs different teams who specialize in their individual trades, and are capable of working in concert with each other to complete a project that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Consultation Form


We care about providing exceptional service and part of how we do that is by making your convenience our priority. So when you book a consultation with us, we’ll never ask you to drive out to our office – although you can if you want to – we’ll come to you. We’ll come out to your home to discuss right there the work that you want done and we’ll come prepared with previous job designs and photos along with product samples that can be used to create your one-of-a-kind landscape. Even if we have to take the designs back to our office to finalize, we’ll gladly make a return trip to present them to you and make any adjustments you want.

This helps us to do our job better, too. We’re not going to get a sense of the area we’ll be working with by sitting in our office. By consulting with you at your home, we’re able to inspect the work area, anticipate unique challenges that may arise, and begin effective planning that much earlier in the process. This is especially beneficial when doing interlock, decks, or architectural landscaping because it allows us to factor in the natural landscape from the very beginning.